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Yo! Umm.. Yeah. I am sure only the three of us will be reading… - Just some chicks trying to get fit

About Yo! Umm.. Yeah. I am sure only the three of us will be reading…

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Umm.. Yeah. I am sure only the three of us will be reading this so WHATEVER!

I am going to take the trimspa like pills from gnc, i'll get the name later!, do weight watchers my meetings are on sunday just until I can learn how to eat better, and work out. I don't know what workout I am going to do yet because I don't really have time but I have to make some.. we'll I have time I am just tired all the time from school :( What are you two doing, Erica and Tahn??

I was thinking we can each just make daily posts and update them with what we ate, the workouts we have done, any supplements we take and like our workouts. Then we can put our progress like pounds/inches lost maybe we can try what each other is doing.. help each other out etcetc. If I run across anything online that's interesting health wise I will also link it here.

My start date will be either tomorrow (sunday) or monday. It all depends on what day I can start my weight watchers meetings!! Good luck to us.

FYI anyone else reading this, we are just some chicks that want to be healthyER and love our bodies a bit more than what we already do. If you are interested join :P We are very normal though lol so YEAH
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Date:August 13th, 2004 02:31 pm (UTC)
ya me 2! i really want 2 b in a bit better shape, but it's only 2:30 & i've already eaten a bowl of cereal (joe's o's; healthy!)for breakfast, 2 slices of bread w/ cheese, some chocolate ice cream, and half a tiger milk bar. i just came home from skool at like 1:00. any good ideas on how to control cravings or at least eat healthy stuff?
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